Alejandra Rodriguez


Alejandra Rodriguez, BSc, BScPT, Clinic Manager

Registered Physiotherapist, Acupuncture Practitioner, Certified Trigenics Practitioner

From a young age, Alejandra Rodriguez knew she wanted a career in health care. After volunteering at some physical therapy clinics and hospitals, she became fascinated with Physical Therapy as a means of helping people recover from injury and return to an active lifestyle.

She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto, and a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

After completing her program, she obtained her physiotherapy license in Canada as well as the United States in 2006.

She gathered a wide range of experience by working her way through many different health care sectors, from hospitals to rehabilitation centres to private practices.

She spent several years working in the chronic pain management program in Toronto Western Hospital where she learned the importance of working with an interdisciplinary team of health care professionals to treat complex conditions. Her goal was always to help patients restore their quality of life in every single aspect.

She continued her career, working closely with several family doctors, specialists, psychologists and multiple health care professionals to help her clients recover and achieve their lifestyle goals.

Alejandra specialized in the area of orthopedics and has successfully treated patients with many types of complex injuries from car accidents to sports injuries, to slip-and-falls, work-related injuries and pre and post-surgical conditions.

As part of her ongoing training, Alejandra has completed several certifications including acupuncture, manual therapy based-rehabilitation, dry needling and Trigenics, a complex procedure which retrains the way the brain communicates its movement and/or pain signals with the muscles of the body. She is also certified in Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ).

These advanced treatment methods, coupled with her accurate diagnosis and follow-up intervention, have allowed her to achieve maximum results with her patients. She has helped many, many clients reach their goals of minimizing or eradicating pain, improve their physical tolerances, and ensure a fast and successful recovery.

She is also pursuing her certification in strength and conditioning training (CSCS) and in yoga.

Alejandra is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying regular exercise. When she is not working, her activities include yoga, Pilates, cycling, and running.

Shannon Felicia Teekah

Shannon Felicia Teekah, B.A (hons.), RMT

Shannon graduated from The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 2012 and provides massage therapy for various conditions including physical and emotional stress, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, neck and back pain, nerve pathologies, breast congestion, inflammatory conditions, premenstral syndrome, migraines, tension headaches, edema, strains, sprains, disc herniation, sports injuries, spasms, respiratory conditions, fascial restrictions, postural disorders, constipation, pregnancy, temporal mandibular joint disorder, and several other conditions. Techniques Shannon uses in her treatments include deep tissue massage, manual lymph drainage, joint mobilization, fascial work and frictioning for scar tissue. She recommends homecare and remedial exercise post-treatment to assist with the rehabilitative process in between massage therapy sessions. Shannon also offers couples the opportunity to receive instruction on how to effectively perform a standard relaxation massage for each other.

Shannon works and lives life from a "health first" perspective and her passions are activities which encourage mental and physical wellness including healthy eating, meditation, travelling, dancing, learning languages, comedy, music and cultural immersion. Shannon also works as a counsellor with homeless and at-risk populations.

Eric Miraflor


Eric Miraflor, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Eric’s involvement of sports at an early age sparked his interest in human movement and rehabilitation especially in the athletic population. His previous history of musculoskeletal injuries that required both physiotherapy and massage therapy gave him the perspective of patient-centered care, which has allowed him to translate that with his patients.

Eric graduated from Humber College in 2018 that provided the knowledge and skills to conduct patient assessments, develop individualized treatment plans and deliver safe and effective treatment. Eric is also experienced in treating a variety of special populations ranging from: pregnancy, neurological, mental/health addictions, complex health conditions and athletes.

His goal is to use an evidence-based approach by combining manual therapy, movement and empowerment through education.

On his spare time, you can find him at the gym doing a heavy set of squats, at the driving range, or sipping a cold brew while discussing everything basketball related.

Rachel Kramer


Rachel Kramer

BSc (Hons), RYT, Exercise Therapist

In 2001 Rachel completed a post-grad certificate in Workplace Wellness & Health Promotion. That same year she earned her Yoga Teaching certificate. She has been promoting wellness through yoga and exercise ever since.

Rachel regularly updates her skills with education in a variety of wellness modalities, like meditation and T'ai Chi.

In 2009 she studied Level 1 Therapeutic Touch (Krieger-Kunz Method) with Jitka Malec. In 2011 she earned the Essential Certificate in Thai Yoga Massage from the Lotus Palm school. In 2014 she was certified with Canfitpro as a Personal Trainer.

Rachel has created and delivered many educational workshops, including a presentation at the Ontario Physical & Health Education Association Conference in Orillia.

When she's not speaking at conferences or updating her professional skills Rachel likes to travel -- it was her introduction to Yoga while living in Israel in 1996 that changed her (previously sedentary) life. Now she enjoys helping others to discover the joys of making a mind-body connection.