Your feet are small, considering they have to support the entire height and weight of your body. But they can cause big problems.

Each step you take involves a remarkably intricate network of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. That complexity—combined with all the weight they carry—accounts for why feet can be so prone to problems, including bone fractures, arthritis and plantar fasciitis, or other painful conditions.

If left untreated, foot problems may worsen. Eventually, the pain could interfere with your ability to do even the most basic things like walking upstairs or down the street.

If pain alters the way you walk, it can lead to pain in your knees, hips and back as well. These problems can multiply, limiting your activity and affecting your quality of life.

The good news is that most foot disorders can be treated with physical therapy and often, foot orthoses.

Custom Orthotic Inserts

After a thorough initial evaluation, foot orthoses may be an appropriate treatment. Foot orthoses (commonly called orthotics) can be helpful in a number of ways:

  • They can put the foot and ankle in better alignment.
  • They can help the foot better disperse stress during walking or running.
  • They can help cushion and support hypomobile (stiff or rigid) segments of the foot.
  • They can stabilize area of the foot that might be hypermobile (have too much mobility).
  • They can help redistribute forces on the foot & ankle to alleviate pain.

Get Your Own Personalized Treatment Plan & Orthoses

Everyone is different so a detailed assessment of your condition is your best choice. Over-the-counter or custom orthoses are appropriate for some patients and others may not need them at all.

Diagnosis for Which Orthotic Devices Are Helpful

As part of the program, our Orthotics Clinicbased in North York recommends patients orthotic devices for their specific foot conditions. We rely on a variety of orthotic devices aside from targeted orthotics services to improve your gait, cure a foot problem and offer maintenance. Below are the diagnosis and the devices we recommend for them.

  • Bunions is a common foot problem among the residents of Toronto and the orthotic device we recommend for it is a bunion shield pad.
  • Cavus foot is a problem that has no cure, but with soft cushions that evenly distribute the pressure it can be effectively managed.
  • Corns and calluses are common foot problems which we treat with devices like a toe separator.
  • For adult born with flatfoot that cause aching, we recommend a partially rigid insert that acts as a heel wedge to offer support and elevation.
  • Runner’s knee is painful and we treat it with a combination of physiotherapy and orthotic inlays which diminish the level of stress and prevent the toe from turning inward.

Get an appointment at our clinic based in North York and Downtown to get your foot problem looked at by a specialist.

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