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    Good Things Are Happening At Stay Active Rehabilitation

    “Before physiotherapy I had trouble carrying weight on my back for long periods of time which made it difficult to perform well my job.
    During my sessions of physiotherapy it was very comfortably, the sessions were based on my current level of pain and always helped to evolve with my activities, in addition to helping my situation. I was given great advice for prevention which helped me to correct various movements and exercises. Now I am able to move freely and perform my duties at work. “

    -Edward A.

    ” Before starting physiotherapy I was unable to climb any stairs normally due to chronic back and hip pain. I could not get into the car without having to physically lift my legs with my arms. Always walk and waddle. I can now do a few stairs at once before being too difficult. I can now sometimes get in the car more normally. The waddle had decreased, walking more like normal gait. My Range of Motion has improved. “

    -Corrie B.
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