Find out what the cause of your pain is and permanently fix it

It’s not uncommon in my practice as a physiotherapist to consistently hear people’s belief that they need to get all kinds of diagnostic tools like X-rays, US, and MRI’s to find out “what’s wrong” and determine the root cause of their pain and suffering. The thing about people’s pain is that in the vast majority […]

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Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is the unwanted leaking of urine. There are 3 types of incontinence. Stress incontinence which is leaking with a certain activity such as jumping or sneezing. Urge incontinence which is an uncontrollable and sudden urge to pee. This may come on with a certain activity or a certain time, for example, unlocking the […]

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5 Habits To Reduce Stiffness

I wanted to answer a common question I get asked about being stiff which we get asked regularly by patients. “Alejandra, do you have any advice for someone like me who isn’t in a lot of pain? I’m just incredibly stiff when I wake up on a morning, and I feel it throughout the day […]

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Self-care is a concept that is gaining a lot of attention and momentum right now.  This is an important practice, especially when going through a stressful period or health crisis in your life.

When we are dealing with tough times in our lives, the things we enjoy doing like going to the gym, eating healthy, meditating […]

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Have You Ever Pulled A Muscle?

Have you ever pulled a muscle? Chances are you have. And when you, don’t you know it! When you pulled a muscle the pain can range from mild, like a minor neck strain you get from turning your head the wrong way, to very severe, such as a lower back injury that leaves you unable […]

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Open This If You Are Experiencing Foot Pain!

Usually, not a week goes by without having a patient who is experiencing sharp pain in the plantar side of the foot around the arch or right on the heel area. This pain is known as plantar fasciitis and it feels worse in the morning when someone first steps out of bed and is generally […]

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Are You Are Experiencing Shoulder Pain?

Not a week goes by without having a new or recurrent patient coming into the clinic with a complain of shoulder pain that has cause them to struggle for weeks or months. Shoulder pain are very common conditions I normally treat the reason for that is that your shoulders are a complex part of your […]

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Why Painkillers Don’t Always Work?

I received another great question from a patient today and I wanted to share my answer with you. The question was, "Why did painkillers work for a while and then stop?" This patient was taking painkillers to control her knee pain due to running. The first few weeks the painkillers did "OK" and kept her […]

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