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Let’s Talk About Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Let’s Talk About Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

If you know us, you know that we’re active proponents of pelvic floor physiotherapy. At Stay Active Rehabilitation, we strive to empower the overall health of women and help you attain the highest quality of life. We wanted to provide you with a FREE resource detailing the main benefits of pelvic floor physiotherapy! Let’s begin.

But first… What is pelvic floor physiotherapy?

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is a type of physical therapy that is aimed at improving your pelvic floor muscles that naturally get weaker with injury, pregnancy, and age. It provides you with a safe and effective set of tools and exercises to gradually build up your pelvic floor strength.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is important because it can affect many aspects of your life. Strengthening your pelvic floor will help with health aspects such as bladder strength, incontinence, chronic pain, and postpartum care to name a few. The treatment and exercise provided through pelvic floor physiotherapy are a sustainable method for determining the root cause of your pelvic floor issues and determining a long-term strategy to improve your health.

The benefits of pelvic floor physiotherapy:

  • Prevents/reduces urinary leakage
  • Lessens pain in intercourse
  • Prevents postpartum complications
  • Manages chronic pain
  • Improves bladder function
  • Aids bowel movements

Just as we learned above, the pelvic floor is instrumental to the overall health and wellbeing of women, and it is essential that we pay attention to our health needs in this context. If you’ve made it this far, book a call to secure your FREE consultation. Our expert will reach out to you to determine and discuss a plan for you to improve your pelvic floor and Stay Active!

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All About Sciatica

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a back pain condition that is triggered by a herniated disk either through injury or aging. However, one symptom does set this condition apart from others… Pain caused by sciatica begins in the lower back and makes its way down one leg, occasionally reaching the foot too.


Do I Have Sciatica?

Sciatica is often attributed to a number of different symptoms. We have compiled a list of questions for you to learn more about your symptoms to determine the appropriate next steps.

  • Do you have pain in one or both of your legs?
  • Are you unable to rest your weight on a single leg?
  • Do you feel instability in your knees?
  • Do you feel weakness or numbness in your legs/feet?
  • Do you feel a burning sensation in your legs/feet?
  • Are you experiencing lower back pain? 

What’s Next?

Sciatica is a painful and uncomfortable condition. Fortunately, it is treatable when you take proactive steps. While treating sciatica at home with pain medication and hot/cold treatment will help, the relief provided is temporary. For a long-term fix, physiotherapy is an optimal and sustainable treatment that will make a true difference.

A physiotherapist will identify the root cause of your sciatica, and treat it through a personalized plan that is configured for your needs. Unlike other treatments, physiotherapy serves as a permanent fix that ensures your sciatica does not reappear in the future. 

To summarize, physiotherapy for sciatica ensures you have identified the origins of your condition, provides the necessary tools to treat it as quickly as possible, and leads with a preventative approach to ensure that your sciatica is a thing of the past! 

At Stay Active Rehabilitation, we are dedicated to improving our patients’ lives through physical therapy. Let us help you through your process of eradicating sciatica from your life so you can get back to doing what you love most. 

Book a call with one of our experts today!

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Prepping for Spring

As winter weather becomes a thing of the past, we’re all ready to get back to being active. As we gradually take on more physical activity this spring, it is important that we ease back in with our safety in mind. Ensuring that we treat our injuries and chronic pain with attention is key to having a happy and healthy spring season.

Are you ready to bounce back and Stay Active in this warmer weather? We’ve compiled a quick and easy guide for you on just how you can prepare to take on an adventurous spring this year.

Ready? Let’s dive in…

Stretch! – Make stretching a part of your everyday life! Merely a 5-10 minute daily stretch will help you ensure that your body is able to avoid injury and alleviate chronic pain. Practice deep and dynamic stretches to promote a healthy blood flow and better physical activity.

Stand Up! – Most of us work at desks staring at a device screen all day, it’s easy to forget to get up and move around every now and then. Make it a point to periodically stand up and move your body around to ensure that you promote a healthy posture.

Walk! – Is your office a 10-minute subway ride but a 20-minute walk away? Take an extra 10 minutes to get some more steps in. This will help promote better muscle recruitment, healthier bones/joints, improved cardiovascular health, and more exercise.

Sleep! – Sleep doesn’t come easy for all, but it is important that we get a good amount of sleep as it affects all other aspects of life. Poor quality sleep may potentially exacerbate existing injuries and chronic pain.

Hydrate! – We all know that water is the most vital part of life, but it’s easy to get caught up and forget to drink enough water! This spring, make sure to have plenty of water to fuel your physical activity, especially as you get more active toward the summer.

At Stay Active, we pride ourselves on being experts in making physical activity safe, productive, and enjoyable. Have questions or need our help? Book a FREE consultation with us today!

We do virtual sessions and invite you to Book Now for a complimentary phone consultation with one of our physiotherapists. Or give us a call at (416) 634-0005 to book a Free Consultation with one of our expert physiotherapists.

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